’90 – ‘00: stability on the debates on social polarisation

In recent years there has been a continuity on the debates on social polarisation, maintaining both the optimistic and the pessimistic approach.

 In this section you will find concrete information on the key elements/mechanisms that are used within the current debates on social polarisation.

The topics analysed are:

 1. Decline of industrial employment

2. Consolidation of segmented labour market

3. Competitive austerity (Gregory Albo, 1996)

4. Consolidation of neoliberalism (Jones and Ward, 2002)

5. ‘Naturalisation’ of social polarisation (Cox, 2002; Moulaert, 2000)

6. Important role of the welfare state (Esping-Andersen et al., 1993; Fainstein, 2001b; Hamnett, 1996; Preteceille, 2006 )


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