Project SOCOHO

Project SOCOHO (2001-2003)

Czasny, 2004

As regards social cohesion:


Relationship between social cohesion problems and housing systems in 6 European countries:  Austria, France, Spain, UK, Sweden, and The Netherlands


  • EU housing systems are key to maintain social cohesion
  • Growing neoliberalism has a negative impact on cohesion: increases inequalities

 As regards the fragmentation of neighbourhood bonds:


Link between housing systems and neighbourhood segregation.


  • Housing provision systems: decisive influence on social and ethnic segregation between neighbourhoods 
  • Changes in housing systems: intensify tendency towards segregation 
  • Social housing policies that offer poor quality housing to the poor (the lower the rent, the lower the quality) and concentrate poverty encourage segregation Social housing policies that achieve a more balanced social mix encourage cohesion

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