Examples of new construction in different (South) Eastern European countries

These are some examples of new construction in different (South) Eastern European countries 


New areas with:

  • no roads
  • no water supply
  • no electricity (or illegally obtained damaging existing lines)
  • no sanitary services (or hospitals at more than 5km)
  • schools even further apart (encouraging premature drop out, and thus, illiteracy)

Lack of physical connectivity + education participation: neighbourhoods spatially and economically cut off from the rest of society (Tsenkova, 2006)   


Suburban areas:

  • During communist period: inhabited by lower social status groups.
  • Now: new residential areas only affordable for the wealthiest

 Cities lose their highest tax payers = not enough funds for city management (Kahrik and Tammaru 2006) 


 Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova 

 Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro

 More new construction: guarantees mobility  Very polarized tenure (the rich – the poor)+ high demand= new (often illegal) construction



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