Examples of social economy initiatives in housing in different countries

  • Social Economy Initiatives in Developed/Developing countries
Europe, US and Canada Developing countries
Focus: homeless individuals

  • shelter (short and long term)
  • training
  • employment in social economy enterprises
  • legal support for employment 

(GSGC, 2008; Isitt, 2008; Sadowski 2008; Beers 2007; Paasche 2007)

Focus: squatter settlements

  • regularisation
  • legalisation
  • land sharing
  • reconstruction
  • upgrading

(Cavlacanti 2007; Silva de Souza 2007; Fernandes 1993; Souza 2005; CODI, 2008; Cities Without Slums, 2008)

  •  European projects to upgrade shanty towns (similar to the Latin American + Asian)  
Brno Donja Dubrava
Collective restoration of shanty buildings Employment opportunities for Roma people

(in the public work – resettling area)

(URBAMECO, 2009) 

  • Other co-ops and social economy enterprises

 Mostly UK.

Because home ownership is not accessible for more and more young people.

They find it difficult both to find an affordable private home and to be included in public housing programs (ECOTEC, 2009)  


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