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Understanding Social Science contains information and pedagogical materials on social polarisation, labour markets, economic restructuring in Europe from a urban perspective, housing policies, social cohesion, governance, diversity and environmental politics in cities.

Do you want to learn about housing, neighbourhoods and health in Europe? Click here to learn about the effects of privatisation in housing provision, the fragmentation of neighbourhood bonds, its effects on health and much more.

Contents based on Housing, Neighbourhood and Health: Research Review by Cameron, Gilroy and Miciukiewick.

Do you want to get a grip on the link between cities, social cohesion and the environment? Click here to read a comprehensive revision of the main theories of urban sustainability, environmental justice and urban political ecology, as well as a proposal of further areas of research.

Contents based on Cities, social cohesion and the environment by Swyngedouw and Cook.

Interested in reading about social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe? Click here to learn aboutsocial polarisation, economic transformation and migration policies in Europe.

Contents based on Social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe: an urban perspective by Morlicchio and Pratschke.

También disponible en español.



Learn about the current debates on governance from a urban perspective, its links with the transformation of the state, social cohesion and citizenship, and get to know new participatory practices in cities.  Click here to read an introduction to research in this area, based on Towards a research agenda on Governance, Citizenship and Social Cohesion in Cities by García, Pradel, Eizaguirre, Martínez and Terrones.


Diversity and identity

Get to know the main concepts and discussions on the topics of diversity and identity, and the main current approaches at the levels of policy and academic research.  Here you will find a clear and  complete presentation of relevant information contained in the Social Polis research paper Super Diversity, Multiple Identities and Place by Dukes and Musterd.


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