Social polarisation

Social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe: an urban perspective

PowerPoint presentation of the main ideas

The following PowerPoint presentation will provide you with an overview of the main ideas of this topic.

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This paper focuses on the links between social and spatial polarisation, economic and employment restructuring and dualistic nature of migration policies. It puts special emphasis on the role of labour market mediating in processes of social polarisation and social cohesion.

In depth

1. Social polarisation

2. Spatial segregation

3. Labour markets and unemployment

4. Migration flows

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One Response

  1. Interesting blog, I like the way you present your ideas and research, with PPTs and diagrams. It makes the whole information sharing process much more visual, enjoyable and to the point. Good job! One idea to improve your blog would be to use alternative sources of information so that there can be a dialogue between neoliberalists and socialists (I’m sure there are neoliberalists out there arguing and eventually proving that the outcome of their policies is better than the outcome of the socialist agendas). At least the reader could get the whole picture and analyze the reality from a different point of view.

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