Territorial dimension of governance

Territorial dimension of governance:


Social economy initiatives in housing

Forrest and Kearns 2006:

Click here for examples of social economy initiatives in housing in different countries.

Ethnic and cultural diversity in neighbourhoods


Projects linking migration, ethnic diversity and neighbourhood: 

Read more about these projects: LIMITS, RESTATE.

Read about ethnic and cultural diversity in neighbourhoods in Eastern European cities.

Why are housing systems important for social cohesion?


 (Prak & Priemus 1984, Hall et al 2005)

Projects relating housing systems and social cohesion:


Health and well-being

(Deiner and Seligman, 2004:1)

Click here to read more information about initiatives defending more well-being concerned policies.

Click here to see a Eurobarometer figure showing that economic and financial measures have a weak impact on individual/ social happiness or life satisfaction.



Ellaway et al (2001):


Research on low-income neighbourhoods in Glasgow (UK) shows that:

(Young Foundation, 2008)


(Fone et al, 2007)


Health and urban forms and urban flows

(Lake and Townshend, 2006)

Click here to see a figure showing how environment and activity patterns relate to public health (Frank and Engelke, 2001:203).

Healey, 2002:


(See Philips, 2004; Gilroy, 2008)

Health and neighbourhoods



But… has the neighbourhood a role in health?

It is proven that… 

Lynch, 2000:

Environmental stress may be linked to mental health breakdown:


Click here if you want to read some examples of experiences proving the existence of this link.