About this blog

Welcome to Understanding Social Science!

This blog tries to make Social Science easy to understand for everyone.

Understanding Social Science contains information and pedagogical materials on social polarisation, labour markets, economic restructuring in Europe from a urban perspective, housing policies, social cohesion, governance and diversity and environmental politics in cities.

Understanding Social Science is part of the project Social Polis, an open social platform for dialogue between scientific and policy communities, as well as civil society organizations and networks, on priorities for research on Cities and Social Cohesion.

The contents of this blog are based on five original survey papers produced in the framework of the project Social Polis.


Click on each topic below to view all resources available

Click on each topic below to view all resources available

Check out presentations, graphs and maps to learn about five key topics in Social Science from a urban perspective:

Housing, Neighbourhood and Health

Cities, social cohesion and the environment

Social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe

Governance, citizenship and social cohesion in cities

Diversity, multiple identities and place

Vote and debate


Join in current debates in Social Science and share your views.

Make yourself heard by voting in polls about hot topics and check the results online.

Currently we propose this debate and poll:

Test your knowledge

Take an online interactive quizz to test your knowledge on Social Science.

Click to start the test

Click to start the test

Talk to the experts

A space for exchange between the blog’s readers and the Social Polis experts. Leave your questions and comments for the authors of the papers.

Talk to the experts

Click to leave your message to the authors


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10 Responses

  1. Trobo molt interessants els temes i per a mi és molt útil que hi hagi un blog que seleccioni articles de qualitat sobre aquests issues, ja que hi ha molta info a la xarxa, i de vegades satura. Me’l posaré a favoritos. Endavant amb iniciatives com aquesta!!!

  2. Congratulations for the blog . Great idea with an excelent approach to social sciences. Very visual , and very easy to understand. I think it will be very helpful for all of those who want to know more about current social issues. It could be a good source where we can find and share knowledge, and a very good place to strike up social dialogue. All the best!

  3. Felicitiats per aquesta iniciativa! Sembla una eina molt interessant!

    Molt atentament,


    Congratulations for this initiative! It seems a very interesting tool!

    Best wishes,


  4. Realment encomiable el caràcter didàctic d’aquest blog. Moltes felicitats i molta sort amb ell!

    Excellent site with a remarkable -and very helpful- didactic approach. Congratulations and good luck!

  5. Felicitats per la iniciativa! Una font d’informació molt útil, amb un caire molt didàctic i proper.


  6. Trobo que és una bona manera de fer servir els blogs com un servei útil i sintètic que molta falta ens fa en la borratxera mediàtica

  7. Això te molt bona pinta

  8. Celebro la iniciativa. Esperem que segueixi endavant i que es vagi enfortint, fa falta
    A very good initiative. I encourage you to keep going on on this path

  9. Felicitats i gràcies per aquest proyecte i per la feina feta fins ara!

    Congratulations for the project and the work done!

    Laia Fauró
    Dynamic Organization Thinking

  10. Congratulazioni per questo sito. Mi sembra molto interessante l’idea di offire materiale di documentazione e un luogo di confronto e discussione su temi che hanno grande rilevanza sociale e politica

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